What we offer

Our principal valuations surveyor-Brian Kenneally-is member of The Institute of Professional Auctioneers & Valuers (MIPAV) and a registered TEGoVA Residential Valuer (TRV).

The European Group of Valuers Association (TEGoVA)and the TRV status is the mark of excellence in residential valuations and shows that the valuer is qualified to European Blue Book Standard of Valuations.

As a TEGoVA Residential Valuer, we can carry out a wide range of valuations, including Blue Book Valuations, as well as the following:

– Residential & Agricultural Valuations

– Probate Valuations

– Rent Reviews

– Local Property Tax (LPT) Valuations

– Taxation Valuations

– Finance Valuations

– Blue Book Valuations

– CPO Valuations

– Property Portfolio Valuations

– Inheritance Valuations

– Insurance Valuations

– HSE Fair Deal Scheme Valuations